All visitors to the eLearning Portal of the Energy and Water Academy must read this page that includes the privacy and intellectual properties at EWA. It is important before you view any of the pages on this website that you read this page carefully. It includes the privacy and security and rule of using this website. This page is the legal relation between the Energy and Water Academy and the users of this website. Your access to any page on this website is your agreement that you have read this page and adhering to what is in it. Therefore, if you do not agree to anything here, please leave this website immediately.

Intellectual Property of the Energy and Water Academy:

All the materials that are used in the training programs at the EWA are considered the intellectual properties of the institute unless indicated otherwise. Using these materials without the written approval of the management of the EWA will lead to legal actions.

Intellectual properties for other parties:

All the materials that are used from outside the institute will be indicated because the institute respects the intellectual properties of others.