4 weeks (4 hours a day)


Must be a high school student


AWE Certificate


HIWPT Rabigh

Course Designed for

HIWPT Rabigh

Course Objective

The program is designed to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and resources to secondary students from various regions of the Kingdom in order to maximize their future opportunities and realize their full potential, with the sponsorship of private or public firms whose corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies prioritize the importance of youth empowerment.

Main Topics Covered


  • ENG 101: English Language -1
  • SPC 101:Basics of Computer
  • SPC 102: Defensive Driving
  • SPC 103: First Aid & BLS
  • SPC 104: Behavioral Changes in the resourses consumption
  • SPC 105: Pre- and After COVID 19 Precautions
  • SPC 106: Home Safety( Use of equipment – Kitchen Fires)
  • SPC 107: Climate Changes
  • SPC 108: Renewables/Green Energy
  • SPC 109: Dealing with Others
  • SPC 110: Time Management

Frequently asked questions

You can apply for sponsorship request in here.

Once you submit your registration we will contact you as soon as a sponsoring company will reach us.

Accommodation is available with the capacity of 300 Trainees.

Registration is open all year, Depending on the Sponsoring Company.

Mainly specialized in Water & Power. You can find all you need on our Programs Page.

All requirements you can find it here.

  • Saudi nationality only.
  • The age of the applicant must be below 24.
  • The high school grade must be at least 75%.
  • Applicants should have done the measurement test with not less than 60% and the achievement test with not less than 60% and provided by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.
  • Had not received support from the Human Resources Development Fund HRDF before.
  • Should not be enrolled in Advanced General Organization for Social Insurance. If registered, he must bring a form illustrating the applicant’s history of interruptions from the last company before starting the course.
  • The applicant must pass the tests to determine the level of English and Mathematics.
  • Pass the interview.
  • Pass the medical examination at a medical center determined by the Institute.
  • The applicant to whom the above conditions apply should fill out an online application to join.

Yes, if you are qualified depending on the sponsor requirements.

From the first day of joining our Institute.

Our core training programs do not support distance learning. Face-to-face training is being conducted.

Once you are registered under the HRDF support you cannot be registered again.

If within two weeks of the registration date, you have not received communication from the Institute via text message or phone call, you will not be nominated, rather, you will be given consideration for other programs the Institute provides.

How to apply?

  • 1
    Select your preferred course
  • 2
    Please fill out the registration below clearly
  • 3
    Click the apply button
  • 4
    We will notify you shortly

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