Engine Parts Detailing and Structuring

SADAFCO Batch 5, with 11 trainees from the Diesel Engine Maintenance and Refrigeration Technology course in the Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT), has demonstrated their suitability for various roles within the workplace. This has given them the opportunity to use all the knowledge they have gained from their technical training at HIWPT in Rabigh.

The trainees did a project for wall-mounted engine parts, with names labeled on each type. This way, explaining the engine parts that show how automotive engines are powered is easier. Also, the diorama project is a way for trainees to demonstrate their learning of concepts.

The project is in partial requirement for the graduation of the trainees and it can be found in the Mechanic and Refrigeration Workshop upon entry. It also serves as a project diorama exhibit that engages visitors during a workshop walkthrough.